Whether it's a modest garden in the city, an impressive park garden or an extensive landscaped garden that blends in perfectly with its surroundings, the garden is more than the "finishing touch" for a home.

Everyone has need for green, natural surroundings. Architects and interior specialists are increasingly focusing on ensuring a smooth integration of the garden design as an element of the larger living space.

Successful collaboration with gardeners and landscape architects is therefore essential for the success of a project.

To build a garden for her customers, to create it according to their lifestyle, to produce it while considering its surroundings and existing site, to draw it in its every details and choose the most suited materiels.

But deeper than, its practical features and its correspondence to what the customers ordered, each garden created by Cecile Chaltin expresses her style and vision : may it be minimal and great, contemporary or classic, Provençal or radical.
Cecile Chaltin projects herself in all universes in order to create a last the one that suits best the customer’s sensitivity. Spontaneity is the mean for her poetic or futuristic creations, whimsical or rigorous. Her creations show the different aspects of her style that are countless sources of inspiration.