"Each project is a great moment for me and I am totally committed to each of them. They all carry me and I really care about each of them."

Cécile Chaltin's enthusiasm is not hidden and contributes to her passion for her profession. She imposes her style through each of her creations. Timeless and elegant, her creations are combined with opulence and simplicity. Her outdoor creations work, on the one hand, for the calm and harmony of the space and, on the other, for the cascades of "surprises" that animate all her creations.
cécile chaltin
The guiding principle of the design of landscape architect Cécile Chaltin is to transform the site by revealing its existing features. She harmoniously blends the existing with her own landscape creation for each of her projects. The existing is revealed, ennobled, magnified in its particularities.
She creates ideal and perfect gardens offering dreams far from the hustle and bustle of the hectic life of their owners.
The harmoniously chosen plants play with the beautiful materials of the mineral elements that the landscape architect integrates into her design.
Her gardens are a haven of peace where it is pleasant to settle down. Evolving among the palette of Mediterranean plants, her creations, with a frankly soothing minerality, create surprise and spontaneous mystery.
cécile chaltin
She elegantly combines foliage and flowers in elegant colours for a result of soft and soothing tones that evolve with noble materials drawn from natural stones, terracotta, pebbles and wood. Her designs play with water and light. 
In each of her achievements, the theme is suggested, identifiable and distinguished in every detail.
Her achievements are wellness areas, with a refined décor, places of relaxation. A chic and glamorous atmosphere characterizes each of her creations. Each site is dressed with style, elegance and refinement for a result that magnifies and sublimates it.
From dream to reality
Landscaping architect, Cecile Chaltin dreams, thinks, creates
South of France and Mediterranean Landscape Architect

Dream… A word often used in the language of Cecile Chaltin, which cannot go without mastering the art of drawing and the use of concepts in order for the dream to be adapted to the site and its constraints.  Thus, she ventures freely with her own way of creation where feelings, poetry and refined fantasy provide an enchanting vibe.
Her tastes include intimate atmospheres as well as great and extravagant settings. She is very sensitive to the historical aspect of her creations where she likes to set up vivid ambiances almost theatrically but also pure and plain with strong lines. Always of course driven by emotions. 

Enlightened by secrets from the Mediterranean scenery, her creations pursue in their own way the traditional heritage of landscaping: palm trees, olive trees, cork oaks, boxwoods, bougainvilleas…  bringing sparkles in her creations.  Water, rocks, light and colours remind of the landscapes’ origins. Sculptures, jars, streams, fountains, scents from the leaves and flowers , animate et bring softness to the garden while enhancing paths and alleys: true invitations to take a walk, rest and dream.
As she doesn’t claim to belong to any style, it’s the privilege to share her emotions with her clients that leads her in her work. From existing settings, to create a landscape, an exquisite scenery and pure welfare for the eyes, nose and ears. 
“I love to create projects that totally reflect the customer’s personality. The realisation should understand and respect their aspirations and work with the existing settings at the same time. This art is a huge part of my work.” 
As a dreamer, she still keeps her eyes wide open for the smallest detail and her projects' realizations prove it.
She calls an always renewed miracle when the the realization is showing every details of her design. Every finished realization of her is amazing and she admires when the work is well done.
Cecile Chaltin in her quest for esthetic worries about details but also the duration of the work and the financing.
An effective team work with the professionals and gardening enterprises that results from 18 years of experience will then be made with always putting the customer's preferences and wishes first. 
Her creations and realizations always respect the customer's interest through a great connexion, listening and mutual trust. Each project is a huge team work.
In the end, Cecile Chaltin puts everything in place so that each realization respects the times of work delivery and the budgets of her customers that were agreed on at the beginning of her work.